Had tons of fun. Thanks so much

Watch out for black snakes, I was sitting in a nice stand felt safe as could be. then I saw about a five foot long black snake come right in to say hello. 

Well we did not get a hog this time but thats how hunting goes sometimes. We did see hogs and lots of sign but couldnt get it done. Mathen Lomoks

Bugs sucked , you were right Dave. But we love the place. TEXAS never again !!!!

We had so much fun, the hogs were much more active this summer then they were last year. Please keep our yearly spot. Nat Dowords

Great place to hunt, we had so much fun. 4 guys week day hunt 5 hogs - Michael Mitchell

Thanks you Kelly for excellent service, the cabin and barn area is much nicer then described. We had a great time and 3 hogs for 3 guys are wonderful odds, however Joe shot two of the three. See you again in spring. Please save that date for us, there will be six that trip . Michael Saunders 

I have hunted at Dakel many times and have shot several nice hogs along with seeing a lot of deer , turkey , bobcat and uncountable amounts of crows. Had a great time every time , harvest or not. Lance Christian ( wish people liked to eat crow ( lol ) you could feed a large village ) .

Been there, done that , loved it and will be back

We had a great time, thank you so much. Your place is wonderful and we plan on making a yearly visit.

Best hog action in the state. Dale Wieman

We had a great time, thank you so much. Your place is wonderful and we plan on making a yearly visit.

Best hog action in the state. Dale Wieman

So glad I was able to enjoy a hunt with my son, your free youth program is a great way for hunters to bring children. You guys are great people, Dave and Kelly keep up the great work.

Great place to go, owners treat you like family and are very helpful

Dave and Kelly Sommerhauser are top notch people. Give them a call for your next hog hunt.

You will be glad you did. The orig hog slayer

God, I missed this place. Once again we had a great time. Thanks so much !

Thanks for the wonderful weekend hunting we all had so much fun. I not sure if I like summer or winter better hog action was great, but I missed those hot summer days sitting at the river doing bikini research.

Great place to unwind and get on some Hog Action . Thanks alot guys --- Troy the Hog man

Thanks for a wonderful hunt. We had a fun time and saw some action at feeders and along creek bottom area. You have a beautiful place here and it keeps getting better everytime we come down. Your Friend, Charles Bradford

Kelly, Please feel free to post our pics, Jase

Will Dave sell the fire hydrant ( I collect fireman stuff and love the (JOHN DEERE LOOK )

Bar area is great place to relax after hunting or instead of hunting like 2 of our guys did. Mike Cavester

Well the rain did us in, it did not stop for 2 days , see you in Jan. Thanks for everything

Thanks alot Dave and Kelly , the place looks great. You guys have done alot of work in the last year. We had some action near the lake and Bill and Troy got a hog about 10;00 PM - SO NOW WE CLEAN

Had a great time, love this place - Ted

Well although we did not harvest any hogs, we did see alot of sign, trees rubbed, ground tour up from hog action, they just did not come out. See you in the summer next time. Kids want to float the black river during the day and hunt at night will call to set something up. Matt Kecerm


Thanks so much for showing us around and making sure we were set up and ready for our hunt. we had so much fun. The cabin is great and the barn ( bar ) area is a great place to enjoy a cold beer, took 2 hogs from friday to sunday, heard alot of hogs along woods line below pond area. Tad Merlowh

Place is nice thought you said cabin was nothing special. It is very nice we had a great time. I did freeze my ass off, again you were right it gets COLD in this valley

 Wonderful place had hogs close first day and took a 173 pound sow on Saturday morning 7:38 am near the log cabin stand pond side. Jas sax

Dave and Kelly,

We had a great time. Saw alot of sign and had pretty good action friday night, Bill and John both harvested good sized hogs along the ridge side behind the red gated road. Look forward to coming back. Thanks

Looks like the cabin is near finished , can we rent it during our next hunt. Mike Wilon

Dave, I took these pics from the stand I was hunting and thought you would like them. It was a beautiful view.

Well, you were right I shouldn't have let my brother hunt the stand area on the road behind the red gates at rear of property. I did not see any hogs the first day, but he saw several and ended up shooting a nice sow. The next day I hunted that stand he hunted a field feeder site , he shot another sow and I shoot a small boar out of the stand he shot his first sow about 10 hours earlier. Thanks for the tip next time I will listen to you and hunt there first

Dave Mahust Cedar Ridge, Kentucky 

Just wanted to say we had a great time and will be planning the next trip son. We were not able to get on any hogs, but could hear them all around us. We had a wonderful time and love the place. Matt Zerfluin

Wow, the mountains are beautiful this time of year. Hog sign and tracks all over the place. I almost didn't come with the snow, you were right and it paid off . Thank you so much for your help with the drag out. It was so cold that night, I almost gave up.

Bill Watson       QUAD CITIES

Once again, had a blast ! Sean Turks

I will give you a tip most of the hunters went into field area so I hunted behind the red gates ( remember that ) had 2 groups of hogs first night and took a nice hog in the second group, they run that hillside out to the field feeders. We had a great time, but could you please do something about the heat in missouri during june.

Scott Kosnew



Well, this time was a bust. It was HOT and I had no luck. Some of the guys with me saw a few , but not able to get a shot. Thanks alot guys, see you in oct. Blake

Hope to see you all again soon, had alot of fun.

Marshall Knox

Kelly, thanks for all your help with booking, directions and a thousand questions before our hunt. We had a great time and saw more wildlife in 3 days then in the last year. We counted 24 turkey's in the field sat morning. God Bless, Scott travis ( memphis )


not bad, if our friend ( miss alot willy ) COULD SHOT , WE WOULD HAVE HAD 4 HOGS

Best hunt ever. I love the fact that we were able to hunt with only our group and no one else. We used to go to Texas evry year with a group of firemen, but it was very costly and to many up fee's. Dave , I WILL SAY YOU ARE HONEST AND NOT MISLEADING. I hope to be able to get the same weekend next year. We had 5 guys and a total of 7 hogs killed. The largest 259 pounds and the smallest 112 pounds. no additional cost. No dealing with other people and a friendly host, what more could we ask for. " Hog Slayer " DAN

β€œThe level of service at DAKEL HOG HUNTS is fantastic. Having been a customer for 3 years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!” MIKE KECK - ST. LOUIS

GREAT TIME, THANKS ALOT Mr Barcom ( mississippi )

Dear Dave and Kelly, thank you both so much for a wonderful time. My husband has been talking about his hunt for a week straight. Me and the other moms and kids really loved JOHNSON SHUT -INS and the shops in ironton. We will see you next year , we are already planning a float trip on the black river while the men hunt , it is truely beautiful down there.

Nancy Williams Kansas

DAKEL HOG HUNTS was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Mark Nottis

Well, I would have loved to get a hog myself, but seeing my son take a hog was as they say priceless, thanks for putting him in a honey hole stand .

Ken Thomas , Chicago IL.

Hello fellow hunters, if your thinking about a Dakel Hog HUNT i say just do it. I have hunted hogs all over in several states and another southeast missouri company ( that was not worth a shit ) , but I will tell you , if you enjoy hutning without all the over charges and bullshit - this is the place to come. If you have deep pockets or company cash or company credit card, go to one of those high priced hunt clubs and leave the good hunting to the common man that would just like to hunt without all the fancy , costly bull. Dave and Kelly sommerhauser with Dakel Hog Hunts have my vote and i will continue to hunt there as long as they put up with an old country boy like myself. Bud Steret Arkansas

The only hidden fee was a taxidermy charge, which is a good thing to a hunter.
Ryan Jones Kansas City Missouri

Well I am sad to say I struck out, but thats how it goes sometimes. I did have a great time and i couldn't have had a better weekend to hunt, I just struck out! Carl

We had alot of fun. The set up is great, nothing fancy just good hunting in a great location. I hunted hogs 2 hours from my house in south county ( missouri ) never would have figured. 

Not a bad place, it is not fenced with 200 hogs, but the price is right and the hogs do move around there,great place to get away and enjoy life. No 100 percent hog kill area,but it is not 800 bucks either,

I will say you guys do get the hogs down there. Although i was not ready for the night hunting action, i had a blast. Thankyou for the use of the extra light and all your help with the harvast. Tim Longstreet Springfield

Thanks so much for a fun trip, I wish I would have got a hog, but there is always next time. I think i will have enough meat from Joe and Mike's kill - Leo watz

Once again had a wonderful time, it was a little warm, but once the sun fell that valley got cool and the hogs came out about 9:30 pm and walked from wooded area along field directly to feeder area. Even in the dark you could hear them eating corn at feeder. Never in my life have i seen hogs and deer feeding in the same field. Rick Druemlin, IOWA

We hunted the last weekend in Oct, I was not lucky enough to get a hog, but the other guy's in the group both did. I did see a mountain lion 2 days in a row. He was on the edge of a field right at day light one morning and I saw what i believe to be the same one the next afternoon right before dark on the other side of the property. it was both neat and scary at the same time. All and all we had a great time.

Rodney Young ( OHIO )

We had a killer time. Hunting was slow due to warm weather and acorns, but we hunted the woods and made the best of it. Our hunting group killed 2 hogs ( 4 guys ) saw more, but could not get shots fast enough. Thank you Kelly for all your help and a great bbq.

See you guys again in feb - Will Masterson

Me, my son and daughter did a mid week 36 hour hunt ( that valley gets cold after dark ) We had a awsome time. My son was nice enough to let his sister take the shot on a 165 pound hog with his 3030 ( about 50 yards ) and she put down her first hog. Thank you very much, We booked a late march hunt prior to leaving.

Cody, Mathew and Sarah Bennington - Tennessee

We took one hog on a 36 hour hunt, 2 hunters in same stand . We also saw and heard coyote's like crazy. Had a fun time. Craig Oatesi , Desoto Missouri

Mike Wilcomt, Had a great time. I did freeze my ass off hunted from 7.00 pm till 4:30 am for a good shot at my first hog. My father saw several, but couldn't get them in bow range. All and all great trip, but do yourself a favor if hunting in winter and bring a heater for camp and stand it got down to 12 degrees in this valley.

Had a great time Kelly, Rob Brither

Hog action was good, saw lots of little ones eary friday around 1:00pm but waited for night and shot a 176 pound sow. Butch shot a 122 pound boar. We had alot of fun and look forward to coming back in the summer for some fishing and night time hog hunting. William Redford of Fantasy Farms Inc

Well Dave and Kelly, We had a great time. I was surprised at how many mountains surround your property, it is a deep valley with beautiful views. Hog action was good, Josh shot a 120 sow at 3:00 pm in woods on a thick run at ridge top and I shot about a 160 pound sow at 2:45 am ( she came out of woods line at feeder and had 5 piglets with her. Matt and Josh Turner of AR

Well it rained all day and i didn't see anything but a few birds and 3 deer feeding in the rain. I slept from about 4:00pm to 7:00 pm when i awoke to shooting only to find my brother in law shot a nice hog from the stand i sat in for 4 hours earlier in the rain. But it all worked out in the end and we left with meat in a cooler. Thankyou for your time and help with dragging in to camp for us, if you would not have stopped by, we would have had to drag it a 1\2 mile. I see that a 4 wheeler would come in handy.

Rich Seimans

We all had alot of fun, four of us hunted and we killed 3 hogs and 2 coyote's. Wish you all did turkey hunts, cause its turkey city in these woods. I bet we saw 30 plus one morning.

See you in september ,

Dick Turkish of St. Charles , Missouri

We came from Iowa and hunted shortly after turkey season, had a blast. Dave said game camera's were showing hogs late at night, we hunted first night till 5:00 am and saw nothing ( not even a coon ). That changed the next day when my 9 year old son shot a 157 pound sow at 30 yards and i took a small hog later that night out of a powerline box blind. It was hard to sit there all night after driving so long, but it paid off with 2 hogs and a lot of fun. Mike Travis

Corn mix with cherry jello and beer - works great !

See you all September. The wife and kids are going floating on the black river and I along with my brother and godson are hunting all night long and sleeping all day. Thanks for a great time. We emailed pictures for the website photo board. Larry Franist - Jonesburg ARa



Well I would love to say I shot hogzilla, but I was skunked. I did see a hog walking the edge around a woods line, but never clear enogh to shoot. Thank you for a good time and maybe next time i will bring one home.

Mathew Saleem, Dupo Il.

Dear Dave and KELLY,

We had agreat time. Thanks alot for everything, Cathy is calling to book or next hunt. After leaving on Monday we stopped in town to show of our harvast , Dave was close it came in at 178 field dressed ( a little bigger then we thought ) We want to make it a yearly thing now . Tom and Cathy Waernet

I'm back and once again had alot of fun. Myself and my grandson hunted mid week, first day saw only deer and turkey and a few tracks around feeder on far end of property near a game trail mid way up mountain. We hunted the same spot next day and Trever shot a 147 pound sow about 6:30 pm after gtting that all taken care of we hunted field stand and heard hogs moving around, but never could get a shot. Thanks Dave We had a great time and you guys sure made Michael happy. Bud Steret


Thanks so much for all your help with the million questions before our hunt. You guys are a top notch group. Mike Rustriple

Didn't see so much as a bird the first night we got there, however that changed fast the second day when our group shot 2 hogs at 7:15 am and another at 4:50 pm all 3 hogs were good size and harvasted during the day at feeder sites ( prior to our hunt everyone told me to hunt at night ) we took our hogs during the day. Levi Watmish


We hunted during the night and baited trap during the day, saw hogs on game camera near trap area but no takers. So we switched up and hunted together next night and saw several hogs in big feild area near lake i was unable to get a shot on the first group, but hammered one in the second group. It was late way after 3:00 am , it was rainy and i was wet and cold by the time we were finished with the hog, but man what fun. I am sold on hog hunting thanks again guys we had fun. Dino

Well I had a shot but messed up so no hog this time around. Should have went behind the red gate like Kelly said, My friend had several groups come past and shot a smaller hog ( of course he said it was huge when he shot it ) but i was more interrested in the easy path walk up stands. Luke Manhange


Well i think we have the bigest shot here - hog measured 357 pounds - pic is already on website , hunter is laying next to it to show its size - 2 other smaller hogs were taken during the hunt

This was my forth time here and although the last time i did not even see a hog we were on them this time I shot one about 200 plus and my son shot a nice 250 boar. See you next year ( same date ) Dennis Becker ( Iowa )

Oct 23\24 2012 hunt 3 guys 5 hogs taken - the first was shot 1.5 hours after getting there. the other 4 were shot by two hunters - 2 hogs each a hour or so apart between 10:00 pm and midnight - rained like hell, but they were moving great ----- was told this was best numbers for a hunt of 3 in that amount of time -

"Dave and Kelly" have a wonderful set up here at dakel. Kelly helped us with everything and answered all the questions I had about our hunt. It is truly beautiful down in the valley, surrounded by mountains. The box blinds are in great shape and the best part was that the owners leave you alone to hunt with your party only. The first day \ night we heard hogs throughout the woodsbut couldn"t get anything to come to the bait pile. On the second night I had sat in my stand for about an hour before 3 of them came right down the the path right to my stand. Sadly enough i missed a trophy sow, had hog fever. Great camping, great company and great fun at Dakel. Needless to say, we will be back and I wont miss again, Jason Yeager - Michigan